KURUMARE - Portable Battery-Powered Heated Blanket

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The ALL MIGHTY "KURUMARE" is a portable battery-powered heated blanket. It warms you in seconds and has built in snaps to fit to your body in a variety of different positions. The size of the KURUMARE is 110cm x 80cm. (43.5in x 31.5in) The outer shell is waterproof, it's durable, machine washable, and extremely lightweight. It is simply the most versatile and high tech and portable heated blanket ever designed.

What's in a name? KURUMARE, pronounced koo-roo-mah-reh, is a portmanteau word from "calmare" (Italian for "soothing") and "kurumu" (Japanese for "to curl/wrap around") When testing our portable, 7.4V heated blankets, the "soft heat" sensation was often described by the Japanese as "like being wrapped in the soothing heat of a dip in the local hot springs."

The KURUMARE is built to last, featuring only the highest quality materials and components:

・Outer shell made of Toyota Tsusho's revolutionary "Gelanots" Waterproof fabric in 4 different custom color variations

・Insulation layer made from 3M's Thinsulate (70-80 g/m2)

・YKK zippers

・Durable nickel/chromium alloy "softheat" wire

・Connectors and wires rated to -40℃ (for durability and longevity)

・Custom 7.4V Batteries containing only the best Japanese hardware and Samsung/Sanyo battery cells available

Heat where you need it KURUMARE has two "heat panels" of softheat wire sewn in to it right where you want the heat to be.