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Thank you for your interest in a Warm & Safe Heated Gear dealership. We have been producing the highest quality products since 1995. Over the years, our product line has grown as we continue to develop the most innovative products on the market.

We have no minimum order requirement, so you can order product at quantities that suit your volumes. It is our philosophy to continue to fine-tune our products and we do not want you to have old designs.

We will be happy to assist you with your initial stocking order by providing you with graphs showing our most popular clothing sizes. The initial starting order is based on our sales figures but items can be exchanged if demand is not there in your area for that item.

We look forward to a lasting relationship with your company.

This website is designed to personalize your pricing for the Heat-troller and Warm & Safe Heated Clothing. If you don't register as a Dealer, then you will never see the discounts you are eligible for.

A Dealer Price List is available on request to legitimate dealers.