About Us

ALL MIGHTY HEATED GEAR by Warm & Safe is a portable, 7.4V battery powered, heated gear lineup that is ready to keep you warm and comfy in any situation. Over the years we have seen a number of battery powered heated products advertised that simply did not perform as promised. We held off on pursing such projects rather than produce something that over promised and didn't deliver or compete with that kind of dishonest advertising. Fortunately, battery technology has improved to the point where we can deliver a product that heats you as expected for a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable cost. We aren't here to sell you with "magic" claims or gimmicks, we've got the watts to prove it and the experience to deliver a durable product that you'll enjoy. We look forward to making further improvements and implementing newer battery technology as it becomes available!

ALL MIGHTY COOLED GEAR is our portable, cooling gear lineup that is ready to easy the heat of summer and make your warm weather experiences more enjoyable. (More info coming soon!)

ALL MIGHTY GEAR is brought to you by industry leader and innovator, Warm & Safe Heated Gear. We are an international (US, THAILAND, JAPAN) collaboration of the most experienced engineers, designers, manufacturers using proven technology. With over 25 years experience and as a pioneer of several heated motorcycle gear innovations, we aren't guessing when it comes to what works, we set the industry standards. Put simply, we spend the necessary time and money and effort when it comes to R&D, we use the gear ourselves, and take pride in using only the highest quality materials and proven technology in our gear. The result? Products that both perform as promised, proven build quality and most important, happy customers!

Heated clothing has been around for a long time.  It started decades ago with battery operated socks which, if you remember, were unreliable at best and generated minimal heat.  Over time, there have been countless more attempts at using battery power to keep hands, feet or torsos warm, but none ever caught on because none provided enough heat or lasted long enough to make them worthwhile. 

Then came lithium ion battery technology.  Thanks to cell phones, lithium ion battery technology has advanced quickly and has allowed for the battery operation of countless things that were never before viable, from power tools to ice augers.  Lithium ion batteries have also changed the world of heated clothing.  Or it should have.  Unfortunately, manufacturers continue to make the fundamental mistake of putting the heating elements into insulated clothing (which insulates you from the generated heat) while also continuing to under power their products.  That is, until now.   

Introducing All Mighty, the lithium ion powered heated base layers made for outdoor enthusiasts.  The truth is, All Mighty has been making premium heated attire for the motorcycle market for nearly two decades.  Under a different brand, All Mighty has created a cult following thanks to the unrivaled performance of their products.  But, motorcyclists can connect their heated clothing to the motorcycle battery.  It is the lithium-ion battery technology that makes All Mighty possible.   

Seven reasons All Mighty heated clothing makes more sense.   

Two decades of making premium heated clothing, no matter what it’s used for, means a lot of gained knowledge.  The result is smarter heated clothing that truly works. Here are seven fundamental differences between All Mighty and the others. 

  1.  All Mighty builds heat elements into a base layer as opposed to an insulated garment, so you can actually feel the majority of the generated heat.  A heated base layer works far better than heated outerwear  

Insulated clothing is designed to insulate.  Why, then, do other heated clothing brands build their heat elements into insulated jackets or vests is beyond puzzling. All Mighty builds heat elements into a base layer which you wear underneath your insulated garments and as close to your skin as possible.  This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the majority of the heat generated by the heating elements within the garment as it is far closer to your skin. 

  1.  All Mighty clothing is over-powered (while others are grossly underpowered) which means ample heat for ample time 

For some reason, probably cost, other heated garments employ battery packs that are simply too underpowered for the job.  Power gets you two things, significant heat and prolonged use time.  If you are cold, you want to get warm fast.  You want to crank the heat.  This takes sufficient battery power.  And, if you’re out all day, you want all-day warmth.  Others may give you one or the other, but nobody gives you both other than All Mighty. 

Each All Mighty garment is powered by a 7.4 amp power pack.  Others typically use a 2.2 amp power pack.  The difference is night and day.  You get ample heat and hours of use.   

  1.  Flat wire design transfers more heat 

The heating elements in an All Mighty garment are made of a special conductive carbon fiber that is flattened.  The flat shape accomplishes two important things.  First and foremost, the flat wires apply far more surface area to you than a round wire (think ruler vs. pencil) which maximizes heat transfer.  Second, the flat wire is also more comfortable against your body especially when you lean against something. 

  1.  More shorter panels mean faster warm-up 

It’s less expensive and easier to produce garments with just a few panels but the downside to this is that it takes considerably longer for those extended panels to heat up.  All Mighty garments feature as many as three times more panels with shorter elements which means far faster warm-up for you.  You’ll especially appreciate this when your teeth are chattering and you can’t wait to warm up. 

  1.  Encapsulated wiring means long lasting durability 

Another weakness of so many other heated clothing products is durability.  They run their wiring through their garments with virtually no added protection beyond the fabric or insulation itself.  All Mighty uses a premium grade wire element that is also encapsulated for added protection.  This ensures long lasting durability and performance. 

  1.  Strategically-placed heat maximizes effectiveness and comfort 

All Mighty considers human physiology to determine exactly where the heating elements will be the most beneficial.  The idea is to heat the meat, not the bone.  Heating muscle and fat tissue keeps them supple and creates comfort while heating bone is, well pointless.  This also means that men’s and women’s garments need to be different.  Considerably different.  They are with All Mighty.  This, in order to provide maximum effectiveness and unmatched comfort. 

  1.  Dual layer nylon/poly wicking fabric combined with spandex ensure comfort, performance 

An All Mighty heated base layer is made of a special nylon/poly wicking fabric that transfers moisture away from your body while you are active to eliminate any moisture-caused chills when you stop.  It’s combined with spandex which allows for natural body movement without any restriction or binding.  Contrast this to bulky heated outerwear that keeps moisture in and restricts movement, not to mention keeping the heat further from where you need it. 

Again, only All Mighty has two decades of heated clothing experience. That’s why All Mighty is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to high performance heated clothing for the outdoor enthusiast!