Cyber Hot Seat

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The ALL MIGHTY "Cyber Hot Seat" is a 12V heated seat cushion. It warms you in seconds and has built in straps to fit to whatever you're sitting on. The outer shell is made of waterproof, durable, Gelanots™ fabric. Built in 3-Level Heat control button lights up and lets you toggle between 3 different heat levels at the touch of a button.

Originally designed with Motorocycles and Scooters at 12V in mind, pairing the Hot Seat with a 7.4V battery has proven to be a great setup for at home, the office, or at sporting events so we have listed it here as a set. When paired with a 7.4V battery, the heat is controlled via the 3-Level Heat Control button on the Hot Seat.

This Set Includes:

    • Cyber Hot Seat
    • 12V Battery Harness Adapter (for use on Motorcycles, Scooters, etc.)